MeWe growth continues, and the company appoints new CEO

It’s been a while since we’ve written about one of the newest social networks on the internet, MeWe. The growth of MeWe started back when Google+ was being killed. At the time, millions of Google+ users were seeking other platforms to move to, and many of us landed on MeWe.

But it wasn’t until recently that the company really experienced an influx of new users and continued growth. This new growth has been fueled by Twitter and Facebook users seeking to leave those platforms for various reasons.

Over the past few years, we’ve also experienced the MeWe growth. When we created the Techaeris MeWe page in late 2018, our followers were mostly former Google+ users. While our following has grown since then, it wasn’t until late 2020 when we saw a boom in followers.

The growth has continued for our MeWe page and it now has more followers than our Facebook and Twitter pages combined. We’ve found that our content is being discovered on MeWe and we are gaining new fans each and every day.

Now, the company is making some changes with a new CEO, Jeffrey Edell. While this news is about a month old, it will be interesting to see how the company moves forward under leadership.

“People worldwide are migrating from Facebook, Instagram, and other major platforms to MeWe because it is the social network that respects its members as customers to serve and delight, not data to share, target, or manipulate.

MeWe has achieved remarkable growth with zero paid marketing or member acquisition costs. I am thrilled to lead the company as we position for rapid growth by expanding our marketing efforts and product offerings, bringing on the world’s most compelling content creators, and growing our team to welcome millions of new members in the months ahead,” says Edell.

YouTuber Joe Hancock has a nice short tutorial and explanation of the platform below.

One thing we have noticed is the lack of mainstream brands on the platform. We’re not sure if brands such as The Verge, CNET, Engadget, and others will adopt an account on MeWe. But we’re rather happy being one of the only real, verified technology news sites on the platform. The other being Slashdot.

It remains to be seen if alternative social media outlets like this are going to be able to succeed. But we’re certainly rooting for them as more choices are never a bad thing.