Music Mixing Programs – 3 Programs To Change Your Music Life

I this article I want to talk to you about the three music mixing programs I have used over the years so that you can get an idea of what is going to work best for your price range and level of skill.

There are loads of programs out there you could choose, but these are my top three:

PRO TOOLS= $ 800 with an audio interface…

This is where I started and I have to say that Pro Tool does not do you any favors if youre a newbie.

The software is not made with the musician in mind, and you really have to be a geek to get to the hang of it.

But if you spend six months with it you will have great results.

You do get a full set of effects and a massive mixer. Plus the best audio editing software available anywhere.

GARAGEBAND = Free with a $ 1000 Apple Mac…

I love this software because it cuts away all the set up time and lets you start recording within a few minutes.

This was the second of the music mixing programs I used because it came free with my mac.

It comes with a massive list of drum sounds that automatically match the tempo of your record.

You don’t need to have loads of outboard effects either, because if you use it in the right way you can get a pro sound from the built in stuff.

Its great!


This program is totally free and you cant really find a better price than that on the market 😉

It pretty much does most of the simple functions of Pro Tools and there is also a massive list of plug-ins to enhance your tracks.

This is a great program if youre running a PC and dont have a big budget.

Final thoughts.

If I had to pick one of these music mixing programs I think I would have to go with Garageband because it has enabled me to sell all my equipment and just have a few leads and a mac.

….even though I dont have all that expensive gear anymore I’m still able to get my stuff played on the radio because I follow a simple step by step recording blueprint every time.