New Website Offers Business and Consumer Tips on Cybercrime Prevention

The Consumer Federation of America put together a variety of tools, forms, and quizzes.

To help anyone dealing with leaked online information, the Consumer Federation of America has launched a new website and bills it as all-in-one location for information on virtual crime.For businesses, the website, Id Theft Info,  has links to tips on safeguarding customer’s information, checking employees’ histories, and storing your workers’ data. On the consumer end, Id Theft Info features everything from form letters to send companies to government quizzes designed to test your cyber crime savvy. There’s also a checklist of nine things to consider when shopping for anti-crime software, as well as the Consumer Federation of America’s Best Practices for Identity Theft Services, a collection of recommendations those software companies.
So if customers start complaining of odd charges from a Romanian beer garden, you might head over and check out the resources.
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