Obtaining Background Checks in a Breeze with Instant Checkmate

(PRWEB) July 03, 2012

A background check is a procedure in which a person requests information about someones past, specifically in regards to whether they have engaged in criminal activity. Obtaining a background check report can be difficult and time consuming, but with Instant Checkmate, getting a criminal background report on an individual can be very quick and easy.

Background checks are searches of various databases that uncover potential local, state and federal criminal records. Such checks also search for mugshots, lawsuits, arrest records, birth records, death records, estimated income, sex offender offenses and more.

The Instant Checkmate background checks are necessary for those who want to discover additional, sensitive information about other individuals. Such background checks are conducted for a variety of reasons, including:

????Choosing a babysitter or a nanny. People who are planning on bringing someone into their home are advised to verify their background, especially if the person will be exposed to children.

????Dating. It is becoming more and more common to check someones history before entering into a relationship with them.

????Planning financial deals. Prior to agreeing to a financial deal with an individual or company, a background check is often conducted to verify the person making the deal is not a criminal.

????Donation. Prior to donating funds it is recommended to conduct a background check to ensure the person in charge of the organization does not have a criminal record.

????Moving into a new community. People, especially those with children, want to know whether or not the person next door has a criminal background prior to moving in.

Background checks can vary in terms of how far they go back. If you are determined to find out a great deal of information, the check can extend as far back as desired. Usually the longer the period covered in the background check, the longer it will take to hear back from most background data providers.

Unlike other background check providers, Instant Checkmate works around the clock to develop systems that complete accurate background checks in real time. To search for an individuals background report, subscribers type in the companys search bar the individuals first and last name. Within seconds, Instant Checkmate delivers a thorough, detailed criminal background report. In addition, Instant Checkmate conducts background checks by searching an individuals phone number (including cell phones).

I used the Instant Checkmate background search and was emailed a lengthy, informative background check report in a short amount of time, said a recent Instant Checkmate customer who wanted to remain anonymous.

Instant Checkmate background investigations are performed for business or personal reasons, and the depth and breadth of information available can often make the difference between success and failure in a variety of relationships. Instant Checkmate delivers its detailed, thorough background checks directly to subscribers computers. Its checks are important for several reasons: some non-profit organizations need to ensure that volunteers do not have a criminal record; a business simply might want to check out a potential investor; or a family might want to learn more about their new babysitter, cleaner, gardener, maintenance worker, etc.

More about Instant Checkmate

Considered a leading online background check data provider, Instant Checkmate caters to businesses and individuals alike. Instant Checkmate was established in 2009 and is available to individuals on a subscription basis. The company supplies results from billions of local criminal records, federal state records, public records, private databases and sex offender registries. Recently Instant Checkmate launched a company blog as well as began offering a new popular service, reverse phone lookup.

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