PBX VoIP Small Office Telephone Service

PBX VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cost-effective small office telephone service. With state-of-the-art technology, this phone service delivers highly scalable and quality solutions for small business enterprises. VoIP PBX has become an essential addition for businesses as it is capable of efficiently transferring voice and data messages.

Make Calls at Highly Reduced Rates

Companies usually need to invest substantially for purchasing and maintaining an office phone system in their premises, which is truly impractical for small business owners. A PBX VoIP system that functions with the help of a broadband connection and a phone network makes this service affordable for business startups. It charges only a fraction of the cost compared to premise based conventional PBX systems. As the system is maintained by the service providers, you can save on the costs of installing PBX equipment in your premises.

Lets Your Customers Reach You Anytime

With the advanced call transferring facility provided through the PBX VoIP service, all incoming calls will be automatically transferred to the appropriate extensions of the user, within minimum time. In case you are not able to attend the calls, they will be routed to your cell phone numbers, with the support of the find me follow me call forwarding service. The callers can submit their messages in the voice mail boxes or deliver them through the fax mail service.

Get the Best Deal for Improved Productivity

To get the best deals, you should find a provider who can efficiently meet your business requirements. With these services, reputable service providers help you improve your customer care service, reduce telecom expenses and increase productivity.

A PBX VoIP telephone service for your small office will help you attain your specific business goals through improved business communications.