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How much knowledge do you know about data centers? Well, I know that a lot of people including businessmen and internet entrepreneurs have no exact knowledge about how these kind of centers can work a huge company. For many reasons, data centers are centers which secure critical data and applications of the companies. These critical data must fully secure to prevent the company from major sabotage which would result to company losing these data.
Establishing data centers is not that easy since it would surely entail the company into huge investment. In fact, because of the huge capital, small and mid-size companies are forced to take the alternatives of getting the services of collocation centers. These companies perform such other functions of a typical data center and their services are used for a period of time as stated in the contract between the company renting the services and the collocation centers.
How does thing scheme works?
Well, I would also say that based on history, most of those who patronized the services of collocation centers are small and mid-size companies. The reason behind this is that these companies cannot afford to put up their own centers. Others also do not have the big space to operate these centers.
In a collocation, companies only rent the services of collocation centers. This means companies will have their racks in collocation centers, which can be operated and managed based on the purposes of data centers which is in keeping the companies critical data and other business applications. In a collocation also, there are IT experts managing the whole system 24/7. These IT experts always keep an eye of various racks owned by their customers. However, other companies also provide their own IT personnel to manage their most critical data and other business applications in collocation centers.
The most known and big company in the US operating a huge data center is the AT&T company. In fact, they have different branches in the country and also known as having the most number of centers all over the world. Among their latest data center that was opened a few years ago, was found in the Chicago area. Lately it was even published in the media that the Chicago center was jampacked with many customers.
The growth of data centers in Chicago district was tremendous. Many large companies and industries were opening these each month to protect the interest of their company from sabotage. Since data and other applications must be fully secured, collocation providers not only in Chicago area but in other countries of the world, fully secured their racks.