Persuasive Essay

At school it is very common that the teachers ask the students to write an essay about certain topics normally selected by the teachers. Obviously the topic of the essay is related to the lesson being taught. Some teachers would ask the students to write a persuasive essay. Persuasive essay means that the essay has to contain certain ways of writing style and choice of words that can persuade the readers. There are a few tips of how to make a persuasive essay:

  1. Make sure that the first few sentences or words are the hook to get the readers’ attention to want to read more of the article or the essay;
  2. It is very important to keep the hook sentences or words related to the rest of the essay by not talking about anything else other than the topic introduced in the beginning of the essay;
  3. Make sure that the writing style is consistent since the beginning of the essay so that the readers will not find the essay confusing;
  4. Write the rest of the essay with the same point of view, again, to avoid the readers from being confused following the essay;
  5. Be confident in writing the content so that the readers can feel right to trust what is contained in the essay;
  6. Try to include true and real facts in the essay along with the sources of the facts so that the essay can have a more serious content;
  7. Watch the grammar including the word spelling, signs and some other basic rules in writing a formal essay.

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