Protect Your Bubble Shares Tips to Avoid Having the Lost Luggage Blues

ATLANTA, Ga. (PRWEB) July 05, 2012

Many consumers have faced the “lost luggage blues” during their travels. Whether its a honeymoon, spring break or family vacation, its never a fun experience. While consumers dont have control over what happens to their luggage after the check-in counter, they can take some simple measures to decrease the likelihood of it being lost. Below are some tips to help ensure that the consumer’s baggage makes it to their destination (or gets back to them in the event a misstep does happen):

1) Keep ID Tags Inside and Out. Consumers should make sure they have a tag attached to their bag with their name, address and contact information. Frequent travelers should invest in a durable, water-proof tag that wont tear off. Its also a best practice to keep a tag or piece of paper on the inside of their bag in case the outer tag falls off.

2) Keep a Copy of the Travel Itinerary in Bags. In the case that consumer’s baggage does go missing, keeping a copy in their bags will help the airline identify who and where the owner is.

3) Take a Photo of the Bags. Consumers should make sure they have a picture of their luggage on their phone or camera. Baggage can look similar these days, making it hard to tell apart from other traveler’s luggage. A picture will help the airline identify luggage and get it back to the owner safe and sound.

4) Make Them Stand Out. If consumers dont have a pink, yellow or lime green bag, they should consider a colorful strap or duct tape to help mark their stuff. On another note, buying expensive designer bags may increase the risk of luggage being stolen. Travelers should play it safe and use simple and quality luggage.

5) Get to the Airport On Time! Arriving to the airport late is already stressful enough, but wondering whether the baggage will make it to the plane by the time it takes off only makes it worse. Travelers should get to the airport early to ensure their things will make it to their destination.

6) Sometimes Its Just Lost: In some cases, baggage will not be found. To prevent the total loss of the financial value of its worth, consumers should consider travel protection prior to their trip. Protect Your Bubbles ( travel protection plan provides reimbursement for lost, stolen or damaged baggage.

About Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble ( is a specialty insurance brand, offering convenient and affordable insurance for gadgets, pets and travel – all for todays modern consumer.

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