Protect your package deliveries with BoxLock

According to the company, one in 3 Americans has had a package stolen and the number is increasing.

If you’ve ever been a victim of package theft you know how violating that can be. Unfortunately, there is an element out there that just don’t give a damn it’s stealing. Now, with BoxLock, you can protect your package deliveries. With the BoxLock smart lock and compatible storage container, you can have your package deliveries locked up by the delivery driver. The BoxLock works with all major shipping carriers and works with an Android or iOS app.

BoxLock is the first internet-connected security padlock designed specifically to protect packages delivered to residential consumers. Unlike Amazon Key, BoxLock provides a non-intrusive security solution to combat “porch pirates.” After a quick setup with the free mobile app (Android and iOS available), the BoxLock is placed on a chosen delivery receptacle (such as a storage box, small shed or any container with a hasp for a padlock), and the receptacle remains firmly locked until a delivery arrives.

BoxLock only opens when a package is scanned that’s “out for delivery.” Upon delivery, the driver scans the package with a mobile device, and after a two-step verification process, the lock opens, allowing the driver to leave the recipient’s package securely inside the locked receptacle. The recipient then gets an automatic notification that the package has been safely delivered. What’s more, BoxLock is compatible with all major shipping carriers. There’s no software required on their end, just the shipping label.

According to the company, one in 3 Americans has had a package stolen and the number is increasing. BoxLock works with your carriers shipping label and only works with active shipping labels. It’s an interesting concept and a good idea, if delivery drivers actually use it. We’re reaching out to the company to see if we can check it out for ourselves. If we are able to do a review we’ll be posting it here.

The BoxLock retails for $129USD or you can upgrade and get a sign ($149USD) or a sign and compatible container ($229USD).