Q1Medicare.com Releases Updated Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Formulary Browser

Saint Augustine, Florida (PRWEB) July 05, 2012

Q1Medicare.com has updated their Medicare Part D Formulary Browser with the latest prescription drug plan formulary data made available from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Since January, the updated data includes the addition of over 70 medications and the deletion of 16 medications that impact all Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. The most recent released June formulary changes include the addition of 20 new medications. A detailed summary of the recent formulary changes impacting all Medicare Part D plans, along with corresponding links to specific formularies can be found within the Q1Medicare.com/Blog.

In addition to the major additions and deletions to all Medicare Part D plans, most Medicare Part D plans have adjusted their drug lists with the addition of new medications, removal of medications, changes to drug cost-sharing tiers, and changes to specific drug usage management requirements. For example, since the beginning of 2012, over 250 formularies now include the newly introduced generic medication atorvastatin.

To review a specific Medicare plans prescription coverage, Q1Medicare site users can access any stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan formulary by using the Formulary Browser found at Q1Medicare.com/FormularyBrowser.

The Q1Medicare.com Formulary Browser is designed so the Medicare community can quickly find a Medicare Part D plans drug list by just selecting the state or entering a ZIP Code, the name of the Medicare Part D plan carrier, and then selecting the name of the specific Medicare plan.

Once a Medicare plan is selected, the user can then browse alphabetically for a specific medication. The Formulary Browser provides search results in a chart with the medication drug strengths and packaging; formulary drug tier details; preferred pharmacy and mail-order cost-sharing or co-payment amounts; and drug usage management restrictions. The formulary information also includes details about the Medicare prescription drug plans monthly premiums, initial deductible and whether the plan qualifies for the state-specific Low Income Subsidy $ 0 monthly premium.

Pharmacists, prescribers, and healthcare professionals can also access Medicare prescription drug plan formularies by selecting the PlanID tab and search by plan Contract/Plan IDs or by selecting the FormularyID search tab and entering the plans unique eight-digit Formulary ID. As a convenience, both the Contract/Plan ID and the Formulary ID search results will return the geographical service area for the chosen Medicare plan along with the Medicare plans formulary details and the actual Medicare plan features.

We developed our Formulary Browser so people could quickly see the details for the prescription drugs covered by a specific Medicare Part D plan, notes Dr. Susan Johnson, Technical Director and co-founder of Q1Group LLC. Aside from our recent drug data update, we have also enhanced our Formulary Browser by linking it with our Drug Finder so that with one click, users can see how all Medicare plans in the area cover a particular medication.

The Q1Medicare Formulary Browser and Drug Finder are both available at no cost and designed for computer, smartphone and tablet platforms. The results of the Formulary Browser and Drug Finder are also formatted to be printed for offline use.

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