Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Part 1 – Have A SEO-Friendly Web Design

In this search engine optimization tutorial, let us talk about the importance of having a SEO-friendly web design and architecture. Before you can do any optimization on your site, what you must do is to have a SEO-friendly web design. Why is this so important?

If your website is built on Flash and JavaScript, search engines will not be able to crawl the content of your website. With no content, it is impossible for search engines to award your site with good rankings. Therefore, if your site in built with either of the above platforms, you must change the architecture before any optimization effort can reap reward.

So what if your site contains dynamic pages? A dynamic page contains an URL which looks something like this: “yourdomain/products.asp?productid=59”. When search engines index a dynamic page, it eliminates every thing after the “?” and index “yourdomain/products.asp” which displays nothing. With this, search engines will not be able to index your dynamic pages. Hence, no good ranking will be awarded too.

Therefore if you want to achieve good organic ranking on search engines to drive quality leads for your business, you need to have a SEO-friendly website. It is a norm for every SEO agency to review your site before any optimization can commence. If they find your site unsuitable for SEO, they will suggest changing the architecture of it.

In order to optimize more keywords on your site, pages with quality content are very important. Therefore, it is important to plan the sitemap of your website properly. Let’s say that you wish to optimize a particular product called “Product ABC – Model ZZZ”of your company. The best practice is to create a page which only talks about this product. Place the product name in your Title and Meta tags, and within the content of the page. You should also name the page according to the product name such as “Product-ABC.html”. This will make this page highly relevant to search engines when someone searches for “Product ABC – Model ZZZ”. This will make search engines to give your listing a higher ranking in the search result page.

To add more interactive to your website, instead of building it entirely on Flash, you can use Flash banner instead. Flash banner adds interactivity to your site, without jeopardising the need to have quality content for search engines to index.

Good SEO performance always results from having good website architecture. With a SEO-friendly website, you are on the right track to obtain high organic ranking on search engines.