Selling Annuities to JG Wentworth

JG Wentworth is company of financial services based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The firm is quite well known for buying deferred payments like annuities and structured settlements. Purchasing annuities in exchange of a lump sum of money is one of the major services of the company. People receive annuity payments when they buy a retirement plan from an insurance provider. However, there are certain instances when a person died his or her dependent or child inherited the annuity. In such situations, the services of JG Wentworth can be helpful. According to the firm, sometimes the annuity payments that are inherited do not suit the requirements of the recipients. As a result selling them becomes a better idea. This helps them in getting a large amount of cash which is useful especially at the times of financial difficulties. Most of the people who own annuity have the opportunity of selling it. JG Wentworth has been buying such deferred payments for more than 15 years. The contracts of annuity can be complicated. The firm buys different forms of annuities at different stages of the contract life but every situation is reviewed on individual basis. If you want to evaluate your annuity, then you can get in touch with the specialists of the company.

Meeting your requirements

There is no need to sell your whole annuity. In many cases, the customers of JG Wentworth have the option of partial buyouts. The company helps the clients to evaluate their own requirements and determine the amount of annuity that can be sold for building a transaction which offers perfect flexibility. Besides the advantages of annuity, certain reasons are there due to which people want to sell them. The lump sum cash that the clients get from JG Wentworth can be used for various expenses which include purchasing home, paying school fees and several bills or starting a new business.

Faster transaction process

With JG Wentworth, the process of converting annuities into lump sum money is quite much faster and done in the correct manner. The transactions are usually funded in a period of 2 to 3 weeks starting from the time the complete contract is received from the client. Time of the transaction differs as the circumstances of every client are unique. JG Wentworth understands the importance of money and work hard for expediting the transactions. Thus, selling the annuities to this firm is quite beneficial. Before selling your annuity you must also be aware of tax implications.