Selling Web Domains & Getting Paid – Precautions

Ok, you have gotten an offer for your web domains, negotiated a price and ready to finalize payment and push the domain into the buyer’s registrar account. Here are some precautions to take.

First off, don’t push the web domain to the buyer until he pays first. You might push the domain name and never get paid – so protect yourself.

Secondly, some buyers may offer to pay you through some obscure payment service that you have never heard about or some payment service that doesn’t have a good reputation across the domaining world.

This is generally a huge red flag – and it is best not to accept payments from these services. Many of those services are notorious for having their accounts hacked. In other words, the buyer is using someone else’s account and funds to pay for the domain.

Now, you might say as long as you get paid you don’t care where the money came from. But the thing is that the funds that you keep in that payment service could be frozen – leaving you out of pocket.

It is best to get paid for your web domains through reputable brokers such as Sedo dotcom, Afternic dotcom or TDNAM dot com. Or you could use a reputable escrow service such as Escrow dotcom. You really can’t go wrong with any of these services.

Here is a third precaution when selling web domains. If you use Paypal or an escrow service to get paid, push the domain to the email thatb the seller used with the payment service. I have heard of cases where a buyer paid using one email address, and asked for the name to be pushed to a separate email address. Then the buyer claims that he never got the domain.

Such a case could be worked out, but it could cause a delay in you getting paid.

Once you use any of the reputable services above – you are good to go. And make sure that you have quality domain names that people would want to buy in the first place.