Sirius Radio Guide

Listen to anything you want anytime you want with Sirius Radio. This internet based radio station offers many channels for you to listen to. This is through over 130 channels of commercial free music, talk radio, sports, etc. Whatever your style of music you like to listen to, satellite radio has it. Sirius Radio offers coast to coast radio broadcasting to everyone. There is a lot to choose from with Sirius Radio. There are basically 4 categories in those 130+ channels. Those channels are:

1. Music- In this category you can listen to your favorite musicians playing the famed music that got them famous. Whether you are a Willie Nelson fan or a Tom Petty fan, Sirius Radio has channels to suit everyone. With the all the music stations offering commercial free music, you get your money’s worth of music and be able to jam before going off to work.

2. Sports- Everyone needs their dose of sports before starting the day. With constant coverage of sports, you can know how your favorite teams are doing in the standings without waiting for the commercials of the other stations to get to the point. With Sirius, you get the play by play of what is going on in the sporting world. Who is injured? Who will play? All these questions and more are answered with Sirius Radio Sports category.

3. News/ Talk- Whether you are a CNN fan or a CNBC fan, you can get your news in the morning with that cup of coffee without any problems. Even if your views are religious, you can get it all with Sirius Radio. Listen to famous broadcasters like Bill O Reily, and Anderson Cooper and get the news delivered to you like you like your coffee, fast and hot.

4. Entertainment- When Howard Stern left normal radio stations, the world was crushed. His funny antics made for an entertaining show to listen to. Now you can get Howard all the time with Sirius Radio. With other celebrities offering to host shows like Martha Stewart, Jamie Fox, and Oprah, there is no wonder why this category is the most popular.

Sirius Radio offers service in your home at a low price that is easy to manage. Whenever you listen to the normal radio, you usually get 10 minutes music and 20 minutes or more commercials. With Sirius, you have no commercials to deal with and you can listen to the channel of your liking. No more do you have to worry if they are going to play that favorite song of yours before you have to go to work. With Sirius, the control is in your hands.