Student Consolidation Loans: the Solution to Cash Flow Problems

Sometimes, what makes student debt so frustrating is the fact that if one did not have to pay so much money on interests, the income would be good enough to cover all the other expenses. In other words, the interests on debt prevent students from having a good standard of living and enjoying their youth.

It does not seem fair that one should have to cut on recreation expenses due to high and sometimes abusive interest rates. If this also forces students to cut one essential expenses such as food, transportation, studying material, etc. the whole point of student financing becomes just an excuse for exploitation.

Cash Flow Explained

What high risk lenders and credit card dealers that charge interests rates over 18% take advantage of is the fact that most students have cash flow problems. A cash flow interruption takes place when for some unexpected expense, a student has to spend all the cash he has for everyday transactions and has to seek finance. If the income-expense ratio is too tight, debt will start accumulating and this vicious circle will go on till an extraordinary income solves it or till the person is forced to fill for bankruptcy.

There is a simple way to prevent this problem; you need to have a contingency savings amount ready to cover for unexpected events and an income-expense ratio that will let you rebuild this quantity in just a couple of months. Saving 20% of your overall earnings is a smart thing to do; you can destine half of it to build the contingency funds and the other half for leisure expenses.

How To Solve Cash Flow Problems

If the cash flow interruption has already forced you to become increasingly indebted, there is a way of considerably reducing the incidence of debt interests in your budget. To do so you need to combine debt consolidation with a reduction on your expenses. With a student debt consolidation loan you will be able to reduce the amount of money you pay on interests and with a reduction on your other expenses you will be able to destine a higher amount of money to paying off the loan’s principal in order to hasten your debt reduction process.

This combined effort will soon show its effectiveness as you will notice how the amount of money you pay on interests is progressively reduced and you will be able to retake all the non essential expenses you had to cut in order to get out of your debt problem. By then, the sacrifices you had to make will become praiseworthy.

How Student Debt Consolidation Loans Work

Student consolidation loans are granted with the sole purpose of repaying as much debt as possible. Since the interest rate charged for a consolidation loan is significantly lower than the average interest rate of student debt, the monthly installments will be considerably lower than the combined payments of the paid off loans and credit cards. This not only will reduce the debt burden but it will also save you thousands of dollars that you will be able to use for other important purposes.