Surface Duo is a Microsoft dual-screen smartphone running Android

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for the Surface Duo as it’s release is slated for later in 2020.

Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone

The long-rumoured and awaited Surface smartphone is here. However, it’s not what many expected. Earlier today, Microsoft announced the Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone. Instead of running Windows as many would expect, the upcoming device is powered by Google’s Android OS.

With dual-screen or folding smartphones becoming the latest thing, Microsoft is banking on dual-screen mobile devices to help keep users “in the flow.” With a dual-screen mobile device, however, one doesn’t have to worry about creasing or other issues as is the case with some early foldable screen devices. The dual-screen setup allows users to utilize more real estate as a single screen or use two apps simultaneously in two “full screen” modes.

What if we didn’t have to switch between devices, screens or apps?  What if one device had two screens to keep us in flow?  A device that is small enough to easily carry with you, but feels big in terms of productivity. That was the inspiration behind creating a dual-screen device that gives you the benefit of a larger screen or the flexibility of two screens when you want to do multiple things at once. Imagine being able to take a Microsoft Teams call on one screen and look something up on the web or view a document on another.  Or simply being able to watch Netflix while doing email or chat. Switching seamlessly between tasks, without having to switch between devices.


The Surface Duo, as it currently stands, features two 5.6-inch screens that Microsoft says are paper-thin. When unfolded, the Surface Duo has 8.3 inches of usable screen space which is optimized for multitasking.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for the Surface Duo as it’s release is slated for later in 2020. As well, pricing has yet to be announced for the upcoming device.