The Best Business WordPress Theme

An interesting fact about the Enterprise WordPress theme:
When I switched to the Enterprise theme for my offline business website, my conversion rates doubled, while website traffic remained the same.
Naturally, I’m fond of this theme given it’s had such a positive impact on my business.
It was incredible what changing to this slick business theme did for my business. Mind you, the previous theme I was using was very dark – which I don’t think some people like – at least they didn’t in my line of work.
StudioPress has taken a different road with their WordPress themes than most other theme designers. They take a theme framework and then layer on “child” themes that deliver a higher level of functionality and the perfect design for every site owner. They are essentially the luxury line of WordPress themes for those who want the absolute best (iThemes is doing this as well).
The initial cost of StudioPress WordPress themes may seem a bit steep, but the ability to purchase child themes to completely change the look of your site without touching the basic functionality is a great luxury. You can purchase the Enterprise WP theme today and then change it out with something fresh in a month or two.
Overview of the Enterprise WP Theme
This is a very functional theme that allows easy incorporation of video, images, and other interactive, attention-grabbing features. It can be used for a wide variety of businesses as well as informational and e-commerce websites. For e-commerce you’ll need a shopping cart plugin or service integrated.
Features of StudioPress’ Enterprise WP Theme
1. Slide show on the home page
The first thing you notice when you click into a website designed with the Enterprise theme is the large-sized slide show that can be created on the top frame of the page. You can use this area to flash a series of images or to display words that really highlight and emphasize your business, products, or services.
This slide show is mind-blowingly easy to set up. Simply install the WP-Cycle plugin, upload your images in the WP-Cycle plugin dashboard, and you’re done.
2. Multi-widget home page layout
Underneath the slide show are three side-by-side blocks to feature products or link to other areas of interest on the site. The bottom of the page is ready for whatever widgets you might wish to install.
3. Six Page / Post layout options
You are given a choice of six different layouts to ensure you pick the perfect for your style and your business. In fact, you can change layout options by post or page. For example, one page can be a three-column layout while another page a single column layout.
4. Static home page
Enterprise has a static home page and a fixed width no matter what layout you select. Business websites tend to have a static home page versus a page which features the latest blog post. Obviously you want to put your most important information on the home page or offer fantastic navigation from your home page to your website visitors.
Enterprise, which operates on the Genesis Framework, offers many menu navigation options. You can create unlimited custom menus and place them at the top and/or within sidebars on your site. Speaking of sidebars, with a free plugin from StudioPress called Simple Sidebars, you can create additional sidebars… as many as you like.
If you prefer a blog-format, you can easily turn the home page into a blog format.
StudioPress Support with Enterprise
All support for StudioPress WP themes is offered through an active forum on their site. You can register for a free account to access much of the forum while the additional member’s only areas are accessible only after you purchase a theme from the site.
If you get the Enterprise theme, you’ll gain access to the Enterprise theme dedicated forum.
The Enterprise Theme License
StudioPress WordPress themes operate a bit differently than other WordPress themes from other designers. Rather than just purchasing a theme and installing it you need to purchase the Genesis Theme Framework as a base and then add on a “child” theme package to get the exact look and additional features that you want.
You need only buy the Genesis Framework once. Then you can buy as many child themes as you like. You can also get an “all-theme” package which gives you unlimited access to all the existing and future themes (yes, future child themes as well with no ongoing payments).
The next point is important:
You can use a StudioPress theme on as many domains as you like. This is one of the features I prefer when buying a WordPress them. I do not like being restricted on the number of websites I can build with a particular theme.
Does StudioPress offer refunds?
Yes, but you must request it within 30 days.
In my view, the Enterprise theme is the best business WordPress theme for 2 reasons:
1. It converts website visitors into customers (at least it did for my business); and
2. It operates on the powerful Genesis Framework.