The Importance of Objective C Programming Language in iPhone Application Development

The introduction of the Apple iPhone has spread its wings for real time data sharing via wireless solutions. This has given a new feel to the mobile application development platform. With the help of the iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch framework and the Objective-C programming language, an iPhone application developer can create high level iPhone web apps for this touch phone genius.

Using the Cocoa Touch framework and Objective-C programming language, the developer can create interactive applications for the iPhone with ease. Objective-C is the most important iPhone programming language in developing applications. iPhone applications created using Objective C are very dynamic in nature and do not require any recompilation on execution. Let us understand Objective-C and its importance in iPhone application development in detail:

The fact that Objective-C is a very old programming language makes it quite a unique aspect in its contribution in a modern iPhone application development. It was designed and developed in 1980 by Brad Cox and his company StepStone Corporation. Its object oriented programming capabilities makes it a powerful language in developing applications for the Mac system and the iPhone OS.

Objective-C provides a host of components including object library, development tools and OOP support. Its easy-to-learn language allows developers to create full-fledged iPhone web application .

Features of Objective C:

It is simple and easy to learn, yet a powerful object oriented programming language IIt is a powerful extension of the C language IIt provides dynamic binding ISince object-oriented techniques have to be made available for the Cocoa framework to be functional, this language provides the building blocks for it. IIts open dynamic binding creates a simple architecture, thus facilitating interactive user interface. IIt is very dynamic compared to other languages based on C.

Objective C is a very intuitive iPhone programming language that makes developers create sophisticated applications for iPhone. The developer can access to objective c resources and tutorials in the iPhone SDK of the website.