The Most Significant Features of Java Language

Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1990s. Since then, Java has gained enormous popularity as a computer language. Java was chosen as the programming language for network computers. It is a universal front end for enterprise database. Sun Microsystems states that, “Java is a simple, object-oriented, distributed, secure, architecture, robust, multi threaded and dynamic language. The program can be written once, and run anywhere”. One of the most significant advantages of Java is that, it has the ability to move easily from one computer to another. It also has the ability to run the same program on many different operating systems. With such exemplary benefits, Java is a hot favorite among techies and software professionals.

Java has significant advantages compared to other languages. Java language is easy to use and therefore easy to write, compile, debug. Moreover, it is easier to learn when compared to other programming languages. Since Java is object-oriented, it allows you to create modular programs and reusable codes. Platform-independent, Java is a robust language. The language lays more importance on early checking for errors, since Java compilers can detect many problems during the time of execution of an application. Java is multithreaded, since it has the capability for a program to perform several tasks simultaneously within the same program. Java Development has gained a significant position in the industry with programmers and developers finding it easier and more effective than many other languages.

Java applications are designed to be compiled and then interpreted at runtime, unlike the conventional programming languages, which can either compile source code to native code or interpret the source code. The language itself has borrowed the syntax from C and C++. Java considers security as a part of its design. The Java language, its compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment are all developed with security. Writing network programs in Java is similar to sending and receiving data to and from a file.

The Java programming language was developed and re-designed for use on the Internet. In the internet domain, Java’s popularity has increased tremendously, especially on the server side of the Internet. Nowadays, there are a large number of Java experts who strive for the enhancement and improvement of Java development. For beginners who are interested in learning Java, the numerous Java tutorials available online are good to start with. Java tutorials and Java tips are the best resources for learning and improvising in Java.

Java Development experts are trying to enhance their programming skills for writing secure Java applications. In order to write a secure code in Java you need to be aware of various things such as data handling techniques, user authentication rules, access controls etc. JavaScript is a scripting language which shares a similar name and has the same syntax, but is in no way related to the core Java language. Few steps are crucial for a secure Java application development. They are logical software design, proper validation, well planed application development and standardized security test. Java has become the language of choice world over for providing effective and sure-fire Internet solutions.