The Obama Health Care Bill Puts the IRS on Steroids with Extra Budget Money and Taxpayers will be Impacted According to Fresh Start Tax LLC

Miami, FL. (PRWEB) July 03, 2012

Quietly hidden in the agenda of the Health Care Provisions is an additional $ 500 million earmarked for the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) that will allow them to hire additional personnel to enforce compliance, oversee tax laws, and implement the new Health Care Laws. The IRS is also spending millions to modernize their software and computer systems, making it much easier to find tax cheats and non-filers. With additional personnel and better computer systems, more taxpayers will be facing IRS audits, bank levies, wage garnishments, and tax liens.

According to their own 2013 projections, the IRS believes the new personnel hired will generate more than $ 1.48 billion in tax revenue. The report also stated that the IRS will be launching new programs to monitor employment tax, excise, gift and international collections. “Let’s face it”, Sullivan, director of Fresh Start Tax LLC, says, “the bottom line is that the Federal Government needs money to cover our large debt. Now, the IRS has the money and authorization to take action.”

Even Sen. Marco Rubio said Thursday that the Supreme Courts decision to uphold President Barack Obamas health care law means that the IRS will now come after Americans. I hope people back home fully understand what this means, and heres what this means: It is now unlawful for you not to buy health insurance, and if you do not buy it, you have an IRS problem, the Florida Republican said on Fox News. In an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley, Rubio also stated, If you do not buy health insurance, the IRS is going to be on your back and chasing you. Theyre going to take away your refund, theyre going to increase your fees, theyre going to come after you. This is now turning the IRS into an enforcement mechanism for Obamacare.

Some of the main goals of the IRS, as stated on their “Summary by Appropriations Account and Budget Activity Report”, is to:

1. Improve Voluntary Compliance in the filing of tax returns,

2. Stricter enforcement and collections to ensure everyone meets their tax obligations

3. Ramp up and enforce International Tax Administration

4. Use resources to target high risk areas such as large corporations, international compliance and tax audits for many more taxpayers.

So what is the real bottom line and who will this really effect? Sullivan feels that for the average Joe Taxpayer who receives a simple W-2 and e-Files a simple 1040, this will have no bearing except for an occasional tax audit, but to the rest BEWARE.

Sullivan feels there is no doubt about it and says, “Obama is unleashing the IRS dogs. Now the IRS will be able to act more aggressively in all areas of collections and compliance, especially with the new laws relating to the Health Care Program. We can expect to see a much greater rise in tax audits from the small company to the large corporate giant.”

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