The TourBox Lite is aimed at creatives on a budget

Back in November, we wrote about a few deals on the TourBox Elite and TourBox Neo, but both of those can put a dent in the wallet. So the company has announced a solution for creatives looking to save some cash and get the experience for under $95, the TourBox Lite. Here’s what the press release had to say about this new, more affordable TourBox.

Designed for creators, TourBox Lite offers simplified yet professional functionality. Whether in professional studios or casual creative environments, it seamlessly integrates with various creative workflows, enhancing the joy of creation. TourBox Lite retains overwhelming customization capabilities and extensive software compatibility. Users can customize each button on TourBox Lite with keyboard shortcuts, built-in functions, macros, and TourMenu, streamlining workflows across almost all software, including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Clip StudioPaint, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom, and more, significantly improving efficiency and comfort during work.

The TourBox Lite is aimed at creatives on a budget

Featuring a palm-curved design that fits the hand comfortably, TourBox Lite reduces wrist movement during use. With a compact button layout comprising six buttons and two knobs, users can perform different functions through presses, rotations, double-clicks, and combinations tailored to each button’s shape and position. Combined with on-screen HUD prompts, users can easily control various creative software.

Since its launch in 2019, TourBox has been a go-to efficiency tool for a myriad of creators, including artists, editors, and photographers, thanks to its excellent hardware-software integration and unique insights into the digital creative market. While TourBox Lite simplifies the user interface, it seamlessly integrates with the latest TourBox Console 5 system, featuring intuitive control interaction design and diverse input methods, offering an unprecedented intuitive operation experience. With precise adjustments and smooth.

TourBox Lite is available for purchase on the official TourBox website, offering standalone packages (Price: $94.99) and bundled packages (Price: $112.99). Enjoy free international shipping and additionally, TourBox offers a 14-day refund guarantee and a one-year.