Tips on Booking a Hotel

Hotel Booking

If we are about to go out of town or country, then the first thing we should do is booking a hotel. Of course, the easiest way to book hotel is through the online media. However, since we don’t have to go to the hotel and see the hotel appearance directly, sometimes choosing a hotel feels like gambling. Here are some tips, so we are not booking the wrong hotel.

The first booking tip is predicting the hotel appearance. Don’t stick to the images served in the hotel website, browse the complete image of the hotel and do blogwalking to find the real image and testimonial from real people about the hotel appearance. Another smart way is by checking the hotel rating. There are several reliable websites that serve rating; we can make it as our parameter before doing hotel booking.

Hotels with good appearance and service are usually served with expensive fee, but if we want to get cheap hotels with premium service, then make sure to book the hotel in the low peak period and avoid weekend. If we are about to find hotel abroad such as hotels in Amsterdam, then it will be better to ask for detail information like the location, extra facilities, payment method, and many others.