Tips on how to switch insurance companies

It’s not that hard as I may seem to be!

The reasons for choosing a different insurance company for covering your auto are numerous. Maybe it’s the level of services you aren’t quite satisfied with, or the other insurance company has the same amount of coverage for a considerably lower price. Today, checking your insurance rates and comparing them to what the other carriers have to offer is a few minutes task. And if you decide that your current insurance provider has to be switched to another one, you will be surprised to know that it’s not that hard to do like it may seem.

Why choosing another insurance carrier?

Checking your current insurance rates should become routine for you, to make sure you get exactly what you pay for. And while doing so, you should always shop around with other carriers as well. Even the same amounts and types of coverage can have different price tags with different companies. This is because each insurance company has it’s own set of indicators determining the final insurance rates.

The primary indicator, which the company uses for determining the rates is the claims experience with every group of drivers that are insured with them. In other words, if your company has many claims filed by drivers of your customer group (age, sex, driving record, credit rating, etc.) during a given period, you will definitely experience a raise in insurance rates. If this is what you have to deal with, you most probably need to look on what the other companies have to offer.

Make sure you have the new policy before switching

Have a lapse in auto insurance coverage is not the best thing to confront with, so make sure you get the new policy before dropping the old one. The new company you get the policy from will make sure that it will take force right when the old one is canceled.

When the time is right?

In about a month before your current policy should be renewed you are likely to get a report on your current insurance rates, discounts and conditions. You can use this information when shopping around with other companies. So the best time to look for auto insurance quotes is 3-4 weeks before your actual policy is to be renewed or canceled.

You can do it anytime you want

Waiting for the renewal date is not a must when switching to another company. You can cancel your current policy anytime you want. If it’s the middle of the cycle, you will get the remainder of your annual premium from the insurance company. However, some companies have a special short rate that will kick in when you decide to cancel your policy before the renewal period. So it’s better to learn if your current carrier has such a rate, and if yes, decide whether the new policy bring you enough savings to be worth of paying such a fee.

Dropping the old policy

The right way of canceling a policy is asking the company in written form to do so, specifying the date you want your policy to be dropped. If you just leave the policy without informing or asking the company, it will be canceled due to late payment, and that usually means a bad entry on your credit record and higher rates when getting a new policy. So make sure you’re making all the necessary formal paperwork before switching to another auto insurance company.