Top 10 Advanced Car Technologies by 2021

When Henry Ford introduced the world to his Model A, it was the ultimate in technology. Wouldn’t he be amazed by the rate in which automotive technology has evolved, especially in the past 20 years? Technology is available now that we wouldn’t have dreamed about even 10 years ago, and what we will have by 2020 is going to be pretty incredible. Here are the top 10 advanced car technologies you can expect to see by 2020.

1) Autonomous Vehicles

By 2020, we will have vehicles that can be completely autonomous under some circumstances, such as rural interstates and no major variables, such as hazardous weather conditions. This is the next generation of cruise control, and it is going to help make driving much safer.

2) Driver Override Systems

This is similar to an autonomous vehicle, but the car won’t take commands from drivers at all. For instance, if you push the gas when you should push the brake, the car will automatically brake for you. The car gets the last word in what happens.

3) Comprehensive Tracking

Hopefully this will be a voluntary thing, but you will be able to get lower insurance rates if you let your insurance company track your driving habits. If you don’t drive a lot, your fees will go down.

4) Health Monitoring

Here is a feature that everyone can use, and it will be particularly good for seniors and those who have certain health issues, such as heart problems or diabetes. Steering wheel sensors will pair up with wearable devices, and the car will know if you are in need of paramedics.

5) Flying Cars

Believe it or not, the first flying car is supposed to be sold this year! The AeroMobil 3.0 is the first flying car, from Slovakia. You can fly and land it in just any airport worldwide, and it can be driven into any gas station to be refilled. This is one technology that many of us have been waiting for, and are looking forward to trying it — if we are able to afford it.

6) Active Window Displays

This technology will be vastly improved upon, and you will have bright images right on your windshield for your heads-up display. Your navigation system will even be able to light up the next turn as you get near.

7) Solar Cars

This is already a popular technology, and it is just going to get better and better by 2020. These vehicles are powered by the energy that comes from the sun, so you can drive farther without burning fuel. Not only is this environmentally friendly, it will also help you to save money at the pumps.

8) Remote Shutdown

This is already around, but it is going to get even better as the technology improves. This feature has a huge impact, because it can stop cars that have been stolen, end police chases, etc. simply by shutting down the vehicle remotely.

9) Biometric Access

You won’t have to worry about forgetting your keys again, because you will only need a fingerprint to open your vehicle doors and start it up. There is also the possibility of retina scanners.

10) Energy Storing Panels

This is another technology that allows you to store the sun’s energy as reserve power for your vehicle. The body panels will be able to collect and store solar energy faster than batteries. They are made from polymer fiber and carbon resin, and actually help to lower the weight of the vehicle. Toyota is a forerunner in this technology, and expects to have these panels in product sometime after 2020.