Two Great European Cruises Routes

If you are looking for a good way to travel through Europe, consider European cruises. A European cruise is not only a fun way to see many cities and countries in little time, but also a very convenient way to travel. Forget traveling light, or backpacking, when you can bring your hotel everywhere you go. No more worries about packing and repacking between B&B and hotels, your packing is done twice, at home, and at the very end of the trip.
You can opt for short cruises, as short as a few days long, or longer cruises, as long as one month long! A cruise allows you to see part of the world from a new angle, a different perspective.
I will discuss here two popular European cruise routes.
1. Cruises through the Baltic Sea
Baltic Sea cruises will bring you to more northern or eastern European countries, such as Finland or Norway and normally pass through the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, in Russia. Other interesting cities that may be part of your route are Hamburg in Germany and Copenhagen in Denmark.
2. Mediterranean cruises
One of the most popular cruise route in Europe by far is the Mediterranean route, where travelers get the opportunity to explore cities and ports full of romance, history and of course great food! Explore and discover the romantic regions of Italy, the great wines of France and the relax atmosphere of Spain coastline.
Europe has a lot to offer, and a cruise is simply a relax way of traveling and discovering great ports and cities of this old continent, full of history.