Use this tool to quickly find the websites that offer 2FA

The tool is called Two Factor Auth (2FA) and looks to be an open-source project that works with GitHub.

This past weekend was a bit slow for us as things were busy on the homefront. But we managed to get a few articles out, including one on why 2FA (two-factor authentication) is important. In that article, we point out that Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Nintendo, EA, and other major companies offer 2FA services.

Well, thanks to one of our regular readers, we can now point you to a tool that will quickly show you if a website offers 2FA so you can know for sure. This tool also allows users to submit a website that offers the service if it is not currently on the list.

The tool is called Two Factor Auth (2FA) and looks to be an open-source project that works with GitHub. That information is probably more than most of you need to know, but there are a few developers who read our articles that might be interested.

Two Factor Auth is a great tool because it offers users the ability to quickly search categories and find out if a website offers 2FA. You can do a general overall search through the database or you can drill down to categories. Categories include Backup and Sync, Banking, Betting, Cloud Computing, Communication, Email, Social, Finance, and Retail.

For example, here is a list of social media websites who offer or do not offer 2FA:

  • 500px: YES
  • NO
  • BiggerPockets: YES
  • DeviantArt: NO
  • Facebook: YES
  • Flipboard: NO
  • HootSuite: YES
  • Foursquare: NO
  • Linkedin: YES
  • Nextdoor: NO
cloud-hack 2FA
2FA is a good way to protect your online accounts.

The list goes on and there are hundreds of websites in the directory. The nice thing is that Two Factor Auth also gives you the option of contacting the companies that do not offer 2FA. They do this by adding either a Twitter, Facebook, or Email button so you can connect with that company and tell them to support the security measure.

Two Factor Auth also shows you the different communication methods each company uses for its 2FA. Not all companies support every method of notification but most support SMS. The other methods include Docs, Phone, Email, Hardware Token, and Software Token.

It’s a pretty simple website but also very useful. If you’re wondering if a service you’re using offers 2FA then the Two Factor Auth tool should be able to answer that for you. Make sure you check them out!