Virtual Private Servers – Things to Look For in a Web Host

Deciding to have your own website is very exciting but also a confusing decision; especially for someone who does not know a lot about technology. One thing a person should understand is what a server is in computer terms. A server is a computer that sends and receives information to and from a computer around the clock. There are three main types of servers currently being used; shared servers, dedicated, and virtual private servers. Before deciding on a web hosting site you should know which type of server that will fit the needs of the web page you are creating.

A dedicated server is one server providing all the resources to one website. The owners of these websites generally pay quite a bit more money for this service but they also get a lot more power, control, and flexibility. A shared server is one server shared by multiple websites. These sites all share the same central processing unit, disk space, and random access memory. The great thing about the shared server is they are very easy to use and less expensive than dedicated servers and virtual private servers. This is also the most commonly used by those new to the internet.

Virtual private servers, like a shared server, share the central processing unit among multiple web pages. The difference is the main server is partitioned into multiple individual servers giving each individual more space. A certain amount of disc space and memory is allotted to each and they gain a lot of the control and flexibility that a dedicated server can provide without the high price. Now once you decide which of these servers will best suit your needs, you should search for a web host. A web host is a site that leases space to people wanting to showcase their business or personal page.

No matter which you are looking for; a shared server host, a dedicated server host or searching for a web hosts that provide virtual private servers there are things to consider. Always question the length of time the company has been in business. If they have been around a long time then they have probably gained a good reputation. Find out more by reading customer reviews about the company. Another thing to look for is make sure the company can provide you with everything you will need for your site along with customer and technical support should any issues arise.