Voice Over IP Telephone Systems

The latest business telephone systems that are available in the market have revolutionized the customer service departments in every industry. The methods of attending calls and answering various queries have changed drastically and the employees are given an entirely different training to handle such calls as compared to what was being done in the past.
The fact that the employees are aware that all the calls are being recorded and are kept in permanent record makes them act more responsibly and maturely as they are aware that they can be held accountable for any problem or mishandling of the client on their end. Thus the call recording facility available in the modern business telephone systems helps in maintaining the quality of services provided to the clients.
There are many features available in the business telephone systems which make these machines the first and the most important choice of businessmen and multinational owners all over the world. There are numerous facilities which help the customer sales representatives in performing their tasks more efficiently.
The auto-attend or answer services available in such systems makes sure that all calls are automatically transferred to the right location. The system is incorporated with a pre-recorded message which the caller can listen to and press the numbers mentioned to direct their calls automatically. By virtue of this feature, the owners can be sure that all calls are being answered regardless of the presence of an operator or other staff members.
Another amazing feature available in these telephone systems is call conferencing which enables you to talk to multiple people at the same time. Businessmen are now able to carry out meetings with employees in different offices at the same time by virtue of these machines. This has actually revolutionized office communication systems.
In order to make sure that no call is dropped or unanswered, the business telephones are also laced with the facility of voice mail. If there is no one in the office to receive the call, the caller can leave a message at the voice mail which can be taken by the relevant person later on. This facility also eliminates the possibility of taking wrong messages.
Most of the advanced business telephone systems have backup batteries which can run for at least an hour and even longer depending on the company and the model of the telephone system. So in case of a power outage, the owners do not have to worry about missing calls or being unavailable to the callers as the backup system will keep the flow going till normal power supply is resumed.
There are also various other facilities provided with the business telephone systems such as the call forwarding option which allows a call to be transferred to a completely different number; music on hold which can be customized as per the choice of the consumer; directory services; and caller identification that enables the operator to find the calling number efficiently and to identify the caller before answering the call.