Web Hosting

So you have decided to create your own website and have already hired the perfect web designer. Great! But, before all of the glitz and glam of having a site can occur, you as the company or individual must take certain steps. 

Your website process begins as soon as you decide on a hosting option. This decision is made through what is called a web hosting service. A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that permits organizations and individuals to provide their own site available via the World Wide Web.

It is the responsibility of the web host to provide you with a space on a server that they may lease or own. They should also provide Internet connectivity for servers they do not have possession of.

A company or individual can also use your very own hosting service through your ISP (Internet Service Provider). For more details, it is important to contact your service provider and learn more about setting web pages up.

Since there are different types of “hosts”, hosting options can range from free to slightly expensive.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Shared Web Hosting Service Reseller Web Hosting Grid Hosting Home Server Managed Hosting Service

Evaluating the requirements of an application is very critical when choosing what kind of host to use. Aspects such as Linux, MySQL, and PHP should also be looked over in the beginning.

If you or your company is not familiar with the technical portion of web design and hosting, obtaining a Web Content Management System would be wise.

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