What Biotechnology Jobs Are All About

When one hears the term biotechnology jobs, it is only natural to assume that a white-coated scientist in a medical laboratory is the conversation starter. However, there may appear far more to this field than white coats and test tubes. Biotech careers range from research to development, marketing, sales, assurance and quality control. The industry is flourishing worldwide and employment is available to qualified individuals.

Within the industry, there are numerous subfields, grouped by colors. This includes the red, white, green and blue groups. In each field, a different sector is represented. Molecular biotech has probably resulted in the most potent revolution recently in the creation of well being and human health. Conventional medicine has been transformed info molecular medicine, which opens up many more treatment options.Careers in white biotech involves industrial applications. This technology allows for lower resource consumption than is the case when traditional processes are utilized to produce industrial products. The green field involves the industry of agriculture, where an example will be the designing of transgenic plants and finding environmentally friendly solutions to common needs. Aquatic and marine biotechnology fall under the blue category, however this application is quite rare.Bioinformatics is the field where everything happens in this industry. Otherwise known as computational biology, this field addresses issues such as computational techniques and the biological problems arising from using the techniques.Proteomics, structural genomics, functional genomics and several others rely on bioinformatics, which is a vital component in the pharmaceutical sector. Applied mathematics, statistics and informatics are used in conjunction with computer science so that you can solve biological problems.If you wish to persue a career in these fields, you would first have to decide which sub-field you are searching for and then make sure that you obtain the necessary education. Strong mathematical and science skills will stand you in good stead when you are interested in biotechnology jobs.Biotechnology jobs are best suited to really intelligent people that like wearing white coats and working in labs. These sorts of people have big brains and often wear glasses due to the amount of studying they did. People working in biotechnology often take life very seriously which is just as well because if they thought it would be a laugh some of them could wipe out millions of people around the world by reintroducing something like the plague into the general population, always a good one for having a joke about down the pub.