What Is Database Hosting?

We are coming across the word Database almost every day. Almost all people working in a latest office or browsing internet are familiar with this word. What is a database? A database is a collection of different kind of data in a computer system and maintained in a structured manner and easily accessible as and when required. A database management system (DBMS) should be required to manage the data stored in a computer. It will enable storage, retrieval, input of new data, etc. There are different kind of databases such as Network model, Relational model, Flat model and Hierarchical model.
Like other web hosting services, Database hosting also done by web hosting companies who provide services which are capable to run data or database applications. Depends on clients requirement, host will provide the hosting either as a separate database server or as part of normal web site hosting. There are many applications which are famous in the corporate world today such ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which is used to bring together different functions of an organization such as store data, finance data, human resources data, purchase data, etc. Another important Database Management System is CRM (Customer Relations Management) which is totally taking care of the vendors and clients relations of the organization. Big corporate houses have got separate database hosting services to have smooth operations.
Database hosting server requires lot of storage space and speed in order to recover the data from the system. Normal web sites consists of typical text pages, while in database hosting servers data stored in table format of rows and columns which will allow easy and speedy retrieval of information. A Database server is working on the principle of data pulling through memory rather than from a hard disk drive.
Database hosting is not required for all the businesses and before investing in such hosting services you should analyze your requirement. For small online business organizations, a normal web hosting with access to multiple database applications is enough. A database server is totally different from a web site with access to multiple database applications.