What Robert Lanza Said about The Surface of the Earth

Recently, there is one of the name of scientist that becomes hot topic among people. Well, perhaps not all people because scientist is only popular among scientists and those people who love sciences but still the essay written by this scientist, Robert Lanza, attracts a lot of people attention and even some medias try to contact him so he could explain what he has mentioned in his essay, entitled “New Theory of the Universe”. Well, some of you might have been familiar with several theories about universe and since the theories has been in your head for the whole of your life then it must be hard for you to accept that there is new theory related to it.

Perhaps you are not an expert scientist but you still wondering about what kind of theory that Robert Lanza tries to explain in his essay. Surprisingly, many scientists take the essay written by Robert Lanza as something that is totally misguided. In other words, many scientists believe that all contents contained in the essay all are vague. Most of the theory Lanza wrote is related to what your mind perceives. For example is when he said that “the surface of the Earth is the pigment of your imagination”. With the fact that there is theory of latitude and longitude that have been using for years to know the sun’s position makes the theory written by Lanza sounds ridiculous.

There are more theory that you could find in his essay if you are interested to find out more about the new theory of universe according to Lanza.