Why Free Domain Parking Services Are Costly

Free domain parking services are essentially services which will host your parked domains for no charge. Initially this can seem like a very inviting idea. They say they will generate all the advertisements and forward you the revenue generated from clicks. More often than not such free services will not allude to the actual percentage of revenue you will get back from the parked domain, and for good reason.

Why Free Domain Parking?

Some at this point may be asking why the services are offered for free? Generally they are large sites which will sell a variety of other products apart from domain parking which will generate enough revenue in themselves. Further to this they will take a significant cut of the revenue earned from each site- somewhere between 20% – 50%! Now imagine if your site was generating a mediocre $10 per day. That would equate to approximately $100 to $150 of lost earnings every single month – not an insignificant amount at all.

Furthermore free domain parking services rarely offer the ability to create fresh content- normally it is essentially a site filled with links. Such ‘link farms’ have very little weight in the eyes of Google, and the traffic such sites receive is normally minimal and undesirable.

Paid Domain Parking

Paid domain parking services are normally provided by sites which specialize in this only. If it is a reputable site this is a distinct advantage as the level of service will be greater than a free site. Normally if you are paying for domain parking, you should also be credited with 100% of the revenue generated via your domain name.

Further to this paid services should offer the auto-creation of fresh content which is optimized for the search engines. The advertisements such as Google Adsense should be imbedded in the content and not obviously stand out as ads. This will serve to ensure the domain name receives higher levels of qualified and quality traffic.


Free domain parking services can seem enticing at first, however you will be losing significant amounts of revenue over time – specifically if you have chosen quality domain names and are looking to park more than 5-10 domain names. Paid domain parking offers the ability to create a long term reliable source of income which will receive higher amounts of relevant traffic.