Wilderness Ventures Teen Excursion Programs: Second to None

Wilderness Ventures is the Wyoming-based leader in student backpacking adventures programs which is backed by thirty-eight years of experience in leading and facilitating excursions. Its founders, Mike and Helen Cottingham has an extensive experience working with young adults, a skill which they used in order to help teens achieve and discover an experience of a lifetime that can help you develop outdoor skills as well as personal well-being.


Going back to the very first Wilderness Ventures in 1973 when they lead ten teenagers in backpacking in Northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest, until now when they are conducting various trips all year round, they have never been negligent with their responsibilities. They make sure that the teenagers they are bringing along the trip are well-protected and they are guarded with their own lives. They understand that parents find it hard to see their sons and daughter miles away in a very dangerous wild surroundings. This is why Wilderness Ventures puts itself in charge of the lives of these teens in order to assure parents that not only will their children have the most memorable times of their life with nature, but they will also be protected by Mr. and Mrs. Cottingham like their own sons and daughters like they have always done for almost four decades.


Wilderness Ventures also customize its programs to teens that have a specific place and activity in mind which they want to do. All you need to do is to call their office staff, which is happy to serve you the whole day, and tell them where you want to go and what you wanted to do and they will immediately provide you of a tours listing where you can select the adventure of your choice. Their custom programs are looked at with extreme attention to detail and provide you information on everything that needs to be covered. They incur no hidden costs and all the trips will be inclusive of the transportations, transfers, food, lodging, and the equipment a camper will need such as tents, clothing gears, satellite phones for communication and cooking gears.


To make trips more special, they even arrange adventures on places and national parks which only they have license to conduct camps in. This gives the exclusivity and limited opportunity only to those who will go on with their trips. This is an assurance that the place you will be visiting is completely covered and made exclusive for campers.