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Yadig offers you a comprehensive overview of all the popular things to do in your city or anywhere in the world. It combines real-time information, first-hand and honest experiences, personalized reviews and expert advice from people just like you. Find out what’s hot and what’s not in town, by hearing it from people within your own social networking connections. Yadig.com keeps you up to date with the most popular and undiscovered places, wherever you are, through live reviews that are posted every second.
What is everybody talking about in your city? What’s the brunch hotspot you should be checking out on a Saturday morning? Where can you find information on just about everything, from a two night hotel stay to a fantastic pub? You had a rocking night at a roof top bar hosting a fantastic band and you want the world to know what a great place it is, share your experience on Yadig.com!
Yadig.com features all kinds of social reviews that are completely un-biased, realistic and you can easily relate to and comment on.
You can be a part of a growing community of people who use Yadig as a social network for sharing recommendations and reviews, comparing the relative strengths of venues and making informed decisions about the best places to go to.
As part of your social networking activities on Yadig.com, check out what you can do:


Hot Places now – See what other people rate as the best place near you right now and always stay up to date with opinionated Yadiggers like you.
3. My friends – Find out what your own friends think is a fun place to check out, and keep them notified about your views on latest places you visited.
4. Offers – Always missing out on the latest deals and offers? Following your favorite places makes you on top of their special offers or Menus, summer packages, hot deals and/or upcoming promotions.

5. Alerts – your calendar will display the greatest events of the month. Set alerts on the ones that appeal to you, scratch out the ones that don’t, and invite your friends on the spot to attend events with you.
6. Bigger social networks –broaden your network by posting your live reviews directly to other social networking sites; spread your opinion on all your favorite web locations.
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Yadig is a social networking website. Create your local business networks, groups & profiles here. Write reviews to promote your business. Find here live Bars reviews, hotels, Nightclubs, restaurants and coffee shops reviews. Create profile and take advantage by our absolutely free business networking service.