Do I need Salon Management Software?

‘I’ve been managing my salon for years and I know all my clients like friends so what use would Salon Management Software be to me? I’m doing well and have expanded and now have another four stylists working for me and I’d like to take a bit more time off to spend with my family’.

Does that sound like you? Yes, of course you know what you are doing, you’ve been at it a long time and you can see from your salon you are doing well, but do you have control? Are you relying on your team to be as good as you? Are all their clients like friends? Do they share your ambition and can they grasp the bookkeeping side of things?

If that has raised a few questions, then read on. If you have Salon Management Software in place you have more control over your clientele and your staff and your admin. Salon Management Software would mean that you can keep client records with things like the products they use, their usual hair colour, if they prefer to come in on Tuesday mornings. If their usual stylist was off for any reason then someone else could still look after that customer with full knowledge of their needs. With Salon Management Software you can keep records of each stylist and what appointments they do day by day. You can generate reports that will show if one of your stylists is ‘dropping off’ and address the issue before it’s a problem and the salon loses clients. The other key element is stock control. You can keep accurate records of the stock on the shelves and the totals will adjust every time an item is sold or taken for use in the salon. These are just some of the every day features available on Salon Management Software.

Along side the day to day uses, Salon Management Software can save you time. You can use it to keep records for your accounts and generate profit and loss records, you can do your payroll, balance your register’s till. All these things can give you a hard time if not properly controlled but with a click of a mouse all the information you need is in front of you.

After all, you probably went into business because you’re a great stylist not a bookkeeper. So let the software do the work for you and with the proper training and support your team can use the parts of the software that you want them to be able to access. This gives you the overall control so that you can step back and take some time off when you want to without worrying that it will all go wrong without you.

Salon Management Software empowers you to control all aspects of your salon with ease!