Electronic Data Interchange

As we know, people are more likely to make mistakes than computers. Computers can be said to be the most efficient workers ever created. A single computer and its operator can do the work of ten human workers. Computers can also be programmed to do their work automatically. Another benefit of using computers to accomplish work is not having to pay them a monthly salary. Other than maintenance costs, computer services are free.  Computers are becoming more reliable than they ever before. System failures are becoming less likely due to more user friendly programming. Companies that exchange data digitally can also relax because of increased digital security. Frequent software updates are also a plus.

Human error in data entry can cause problems with computer use. Even the slightest mistake can result in a huge mess. Using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) can prevent costly mistakes. EDI greatly reduce mistakes caused by human error because it eliminates the need to manually re-key information. EDI solution, is a program that needs a computer to run. This program can be automated to allow workers to work on other things at the office. This will reduce the amount of time your office spends on exchanging data with other companies and increase your effectiveness.

EDI works by connecting to another company’s system then automatically formatting your EDI transactions to match with your trading partners’ requirements. This program presents a unique opportunity for your company to make a revolutionary change. By using this system your company will be three steps ahead of the competition.  Reducing the time required to re-key or enter data increases efficiency. Second, EDI will reduce human errors which will increase productivity. Use EDI and your company will gain a competitive advantage.