Enkrypt AI secures $2.35M in funding to build visibility and security infrastructure for Generative AI

In just a span of two years, artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved from a mere futuristic idea embraced by select tech companies to a game-changing force set to reshape our world in years to come. The surge in popularity of ChatGPT has further accelerated the mainstream embrace of AI, with businesses eagerly adopting generative AI to streamline operations and bolster productivity.

Yet, despite the promising efficiencies and capabilities offered by generative AI and large language models (LLMs), concerns linger regarding their safety and security. This is where a standout generative AI startup has stepped in to address the challenges and vulnerabilities associated with AI and LLMs—and their efforts have yielded tangible results.

Enter Enkrypt AI, a Boston-based AI startup on a mission to spearhead the secure implementation of Generative AI across corporate landscapes. Enkrypt AI is reshaping the landscape of LLM integration and management, tackling crucial requirements for dependability, security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance through an all-encompassing solution. What sets Enkrypt AI apart is its ability to seamlessly merge threat detection, privacy measures, and compliance standards into a robust toolkit, positioning itself as the go-to Enterprise Generative AI platform tailored for the evolving regulatory terrain.

Today, Enkrypt AI announced it has closed a $2.35M funding round aimed at addressing this challenge for enterprises, ensuring that their utilization of generative AI and LLMs is secure, safe, and compliant. Boldcap led the seed funding round with contributions from Berkeley SkyDeck, Kubera VC, Arka VC, Veredas Partners, Builders Fund, and angel investors specializing in AI, healthcare, and enterprise domains.

Founded in 2022 by two Yale PhDs and AI experts, Sahil Agarwal (CEO) and Prashanth Harshangi (CTO), Enkrypt AI offers enterprises a control layer between LLMs and end-users, bolstering security and safety measures. Enkrypt AI’s Sentry has demonstrated significant reductions in vulnerabilities across various LLMs, with a noteworthy decrease in jailbreak incidents from 6% to 0.6% for LlaMa2-7B. The Enkrypt AI team brings prior experience in developing and deploying AI models across sectors including the US Department of Defense, self-driving cars, music, insurance, and fintech.

Enkrypt AI’s Sentry stands out as the sole platform combining visibility and security for generative AI applications within enterprises, empowering them to confidently embrace Generative AI Adoption. A prominent Fortune 500 data infrastructure company is leveraging Sentry to exert complete access control and visibility over all their LLM projects, enabling them to detect and mitigate LLM attacks such as jailbreaks and hallucinations, thus preventing sensitive data leaks. This fosters accelerated adoption of LLMs for an array of use cases across various departments.

Sahil Agarwal, Co-founder, and CEO of Enkrypt AI stated, “Businesses are eager to leverage LLMs, but concerns about trustworthiness and regulatory uncertainties persist. Through conversations with CIOs, CISOs, and CTOs, we recognize the pivotal role security, privacy, and compliance play in the widespread adoption of LLMs. With Sentry, we merge visibility and security to align with regulatory frameworks like the White House Executive Order on AI and the EU AI Act, laying the groundwork for secure and compliant AI integration.”

Prashanth Harshangi, Co-founder, and CTO at Enkrypt AI added, “As AI benefits become more apparent, so do the associated risks. Our platform doesn’t just identify vulnerabilities; it equips developers with a robust toolkit to fortify AI solutions against existing and emerging threats. We advocate for a paradigm where trust and innovation converge, facilitating AI deployment with confidence in its security and reliability.”

Enkrypt AI has demonstrated its capability to expedite enterprise generative AI adoption by up to 10x, enabling applications to be deployed into production within weeks compared to the current forecast of two years. Their comprehensive approach addresses key concerns hindering enterprise decision-makers.

Enkrypt AI is revolutionizing generative AI adoption for enterprises, slashing deployment timelines from years to mere weeks. Their approach tackles key concerns, offering unparalleled visibility into Large Language Model (LLM) usage, robust data privacy and security measures, and seamless compliance management. This comprehensive solution is catching the eye of enterprise decision-makers, promising faster adoption without sacrificing security or compliance.

Sahil Agarwal emphasized, “At Enkrypt AI, our mission is to equip enterprises with tools that not only harness the incredible potential of generative AI but do so with utmost confidence in application security and compliance. With the backing of our investors and the advanced capabilities of our platform, we’re setting a new standard in AI safety—protecting users and organizations against emerging threats while fostering responsible AI adoption.”

Sathya Nellore Sampat, General Partner at BoldCap, expressed excitement about supporting practitioners like Sahil and Prashanth who operate at the intersection of Security and Gen AI. He stressed the non-negotiable nature of enterprise security amidst the explosive growth of Gen AI and LLM usage within companies, highlighting Enkrypt as the command center to control, monitor, and gain visibility across Gen AI initiatives.