Keep food fresher for up to 12 days longer with the Shelfy smart fridge device

We’ve all been there before, go to grab something out of the fridge and it’s no longer edible and may have even caused bad odours to linger. Earlier this week, Vitesy unveiled the Shelfy smart fridge device which the company says can keep food fresher for up to 12 days

Using air purification technology, Shelfy can keep food fresher longer by degrading the molecules responsible for ripening fresh fruits and vegetables, thus reducing the circulation of bacteria by 98% in just 10 minutes. By eliminating bacteria, fruits and vegetables wilt slower and last longer, also reducing unpleasant odours associated with spoiling food.

Vitesy claims that “Shelfy also helps to reduce 80% of unpleasant odours to keep a fridge smelling clean and minimising the risk of mixing odours to ensure vegetables won’t taste like last night’s leftovers. These statistics have been scientifically validated by Italian universities and laboratories with tests conducted including bacterial load abatement, reduction of bad odours (trimethylamine, hexanal and pentyl butyrate), reduction of ethylene (gas released by fruits and veggies, which affects ripening of other foods) and a full evaluation of the shelf life of fresh produce using Shelfy.” The full report is available to view on the Vitesy website.

The Shelfy smart fridge device can keep food fresher longer
The Shelfy smart fridge device can keep food fresher longer.

With a three-week battery life, Shelfy can be recharged via USB-C. The smart fridge device also has three modes to help keep food fresher longer:

  • Eco mode enables the device to optimise its battery consumption to preserve food for as long as possible
  • Crisper mode can be used when Shelfy is placed in the crisper drawer
  • Performance mode can be used when needing that extra boost to ensure Shelfy utilises its maximum power

The companion app can be used to view information like how many times in a day the fridge door is opened, view the current temperature inside your fridge, and more. Shelfy is easy to maintain as well. Using photocatalytic technology, there are no filters to replace, meaning no extra costs over time, complying with Vitesy’s zero waste policy. All users have to do is remove the existing filter and wash it under running water before placing it back into the unit.

Shelfy is available from the Vitesy website with an MSRP of $169, but currently has a 12% discount bringing it down to $149. You can also purchase a two-pack and at a current selling price of $279, which is 17% below the suggested retail price.

For more details, check out the video below from Vitesy to see how the Shelfy smart device can help keep food fresher for up to 12 days longer in your fridge, helping to reduce waste from spoiled food.