Nanoleaf heads outdoors with distinctly shaped outdoor lights

If you’ve been to a patio, or you or your neighbours have a deck, you’ve most likely seen those overhanging patio string lights that help illuminate the evenings. Nanoleaf, known for its string lights, light panels, and more, is heading outdoors with its distinctly shaped Matter-enabled outdoor lights.

While most outdoor string lights are traditionally shaped, Nanoleaf offers a more distinct shape with its outdoor lights, giving them a gem-like design. Each bulb is an RBGWIC addressable LED bulb with 16+ million colours, tunable whites, animated scenes, and is IP65 water resistant. The white colour temperature ranges from 2700-6500K, each bulb has a max brightness of 55 Lumens and these outdoor lights have a lifetime of 25,000 hours. The bulbs are 0.75m (just under 2 1/2 feet) apart and are 125mm (just under 5″) in length.

The Nanoleaf Outdoor String Light has a more gem-like distinct shape
The Nanoleaf Outdoor String Light has a more gem-like distinct shape.

While you can use the Nanoleaf app on Android & iOS to control the outdoor lights, you can also control them with the physical controller or several smart home systems including Matter, Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Razer Chroma, and IFTTT.

Key features of the Nanoleaf Outdoor String Light include:

  • Magical Multicolor Lighting: Watch multiple colours appear at once along your string lights for a stunning visual effect to transform your outdoor spaces.
  • 16M+ Colors & Whites: Set the perfect lighting in your backyard with infinite colour options and a full range of ambient white light (2700K-6500K).
  • Set the Ambience: Easily create the perfect mood for nights on the patio with included Scenes like “Sunset Sky” or “Cozy Time.” Or make your own custom multicolour Scenes in the App.
  • Set Schedules: Automatically have your lights turn on when it gets dark to make your daily routines easier. Set Schedules with your smart home ecosystem – Matter home hub required.
  • For All Weather: IP65-rated String Lights and an IP67 Controller make this perfect for outdoor patios, backyards, and gardens all year round.
  • See Music Come to Life: Sync up your lights with your favourite songs by turning on the Rhythm Music Visualizer. Create the right ambience for chill patio nights, get-togethers, or relaxing.
  • Fully Extendable: Extend your Outdoor String Lights with Expansions, up to a max of 45m (147 ft) to cover your entire outdoor space.
  • Easy Control: Control with the physical Controller, your preferred Smart Home ecosystem via Matter or the Nanoleaf App for full customizations.

The Nanoleaf Outdoor String Light outdoor lights are available in four options:

  • Smarter Kit (15m/49ft): USD$99.99/CAD$169.99
  • Smarter Kit (30m/98ft): USD$179.99/CAD$269.99
  • Smarter Kit (45m/147ft): USD$299.98/CAD$399.98
  • Expansion Kit (15m/29ft): USD$69.99/CAD$129.99

The Smarter Kits include one string light of 20, 40, or 60 bulbs depending on length, the controller, and the power supply. On the other hand, the Expansion Kit includes a single string of 20 bulbs to add to the other kits (for a maximum of 45m/147ft total length). The outdoor lights kits are available on Nanoleaf’s website and include a two-year warranty.