Web Hosting Account to Resell Web Space

One has resolute to acquire a reseller web hosting account to resell web space. What can be probably the step? Well it’s given as under-
1. Prefer the policy which one wants to put in application.
More open source software programs are based on Linux and not for Windows, this factor which makes Linux quite cheaper. While the majority of programs (Perl, PHP, Flash, etc.) run on both stands, a little will process on only Windows or Linux. Requirement of a Windows platform is must for a site that requires ASP or MS Access.
2. Select the control panel one wants to bring into play.
Control panels for websites can be categorized from basic to advance. As a reseller, one would also have a control panel for him/her to manage and command the hosting accounts.
In selecting the Hosting Automation Software, several panels are compared possessing excellent features for web host resellers.
3. Pick the right host.
One must choose the web host company after taking into consideration all the aspects –. Factors to keep in mind when choosing a web host for a reseller account:
The platform and control panel
Account features
The company’s status — quest for online reviews by customers
The verification of server uptime
The level of support — the gap between the asked support and the support actually provided especially time-sensitive ones?
Elasticity — does the web host have packages that can uplift one in the period of scarcity? Will they modify their steps in the rigid circumstances?
How much experienced is the web host– while an innovative web host probably be very effective, many web-hosting businesses do not survive even for 12 months
Price-one should check what he/she is getting for the price quoted.
Now coming up to Reseller hosting-
4. Set up of one’s own hosting strategy and fees
One should divide and should find out the ratio of bandwidth to disk space that one can put forward. Take into consideration any ratios that fluctuate due to difference in packages, and then one should base his/her packages on that ratio.
One should consider the prices prevailing in the market .However one should also take into account the additional facilities if provided by the host provider.
5. Build up a commercial site
One has three main alternatives for site development:
Crafting a website by putting in use an open website pattern
For crafting of site summon a designer or a design group.
If one is having good designing skills as well as techniques, then there is no harm for him/her to develop a site by his/her own.
There must be an ideal ethics in the information that clients deserve and want to know.
6. Build a site which is e-commerce geared up
To be in a condition of receiving payments for hosting accounts, one will have to set up:
An SSL permit
A trade account
An expense access
7. To set up a helpdesk
A helpdesk permits clients to remain in touch with their provider so as to get desired response of their queries.
8. To systemize billing
With automated billing system, it’s quite easy to register billing as well as to make payments to clients. There are several billing software licenses that are rated on monthly or yearly basis, Life span licenses are also given by some billing software companies at an offered amount.
Examples of some popular billing and payment processing systems:
Whois.Cart etc
When one chooses a billing software program, he/she must check if it’s friendly with his/her server platform and if support is integrated.
9. Generating a welcome email
One must send a welcome email to his/her client after setting up his/her own hosting accounts .The email should contain:
A confirmation of the plan details, name server names ,a username and temporary password ,a link to the control panel ,links to one’s own knowledge base / FAQ and to his/her own helpdesk etc.
10. Promoting a website
One must put forward his/her site to search engines. One must put his/her knowledge into the minds of his/her family, peers, and colleague’s .One should contain a link to it in one’s signature line in departing mails. However one must not stop here instead should promote his/her website through incoming links, marketing, newsletters, and unique offers.