Web Hosting Offer – The Shared Web Hosting Offers Are Best For Hosting a Websites

A shared service refers to web hosting offers service in which many websites are resided on one web server are Connected to the internet. The web sites are portioned and separated from another site. This is most convenient hosting option for many clients can share the overall benefits of server maintained. The hosting service consists of the system administrator because it’s used to share with many users and this is a benefit for users who wants the control the network. The shared server is cheaper than any other hosting server. The shared hosting offers usage is limited and providers have extensive reliability are featured.

It consists of two categories:
Name-based IP-based


It’s also called as shared IP web hosting offer. The virtual host’s server as multiple host names on a single machine consists of IP address. When web browser requests a web page from a web server using HTTP it adds the requested host names as part of the request. The server may utilize the information to determine, which websites to show the user.


The Ip-based is also called as dedicated IP hosting. It consists of different IP address.

The shared is used in web related control panel system like the panel, directed, PLESK and H-Sphere are most of the control panel products. The largest hosting companies use their own developed control panel. The control panel and web interfaces can cause companies to sell the right to use their control panel system to others. The hosting offer is responsible for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support, and other aspects of the service. The hosting is responsible for managing server, installing server software, security updates, technical support, and other accepting of service The Linux operating system is mostly used by the server for security purpose, which are driven by low price of open source software. Some companies provide the Microsoft windows based solution. For example, PLESK control panel is used to control two different operating systems. The shared can be done privately by sharing the price of running a server in a collocation center called cooperative web hosting offer.